FB Marketing For Small Businesses

Whether you’re for or against the social media giant known as Facebook, you can’t deny that the online platform has tremendous reach!

Now, imagine exposing your brand to the billions of daily active users on Facebook. Think about all the new eyes that will be on your product or services when you market on the platform. This is of particular importance especially if you’re a small business as being on the platform will effectively allow your business to be exposed to a wider community.

So how does one go about using Facebook to improve their small business(es)? Facebook marketing, ‘nuff said.

Why Facebook Marketing Is Vital for Small Businesses 

First things first, there are two ways to use Facebook marketing for your business needs: Facebook business pages and paid advertisements. If it wasn’t obvious already, both would need fairly different marketing strategies.

The Facebook Business page is a free method to set up a presence on the platform, whereas Facebook paid ads can be applied to a myriad of areas on the platform. Adopting either one will depend on your general marketing strategy.

Now on to the why of the matter. 

You should use Facebook marketing instead of any other marketing platform because:

  • Customer Interaction: Having a Facebook Business page allows you to get more involved with your customers through comments or posts.
  • Adding A Personal Touch: Nothing gives off a more caring attitude than by being more connected with your client base. And having your own business page will allow more frequent two-way communication. Facebook also gives your brand an image and actually have conversations with people.
  • Community Building: With Facebook, you’ll be able to create your own community centring around your brand.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is a key aspect of any business that wants to build a presence on the Internet.
  • Competitive Edge: Think about it this way. You’re losing out on exposure if you aren’t on Facebook, all the while your competitor is reaping the rewards on the platform.

Facebook Ads: As established, Facebook ads allow you to put up advertising campaigns, which in turn, helps you to target your preferred demographic for maximum efficiency.

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