An Almost Zero Waste Digital Business Card Solution

CodeZero is a Malaysian tech startup aiming to be the digital platform of choice to connect people with businesses via its zero waste digital business card. In particular, the ZERO BrandCard was created to digitise the physical business card industry in the hopes of reducing waste and subsequently, conserving the environment.


The idea for this digitised business card came about when the co-founders of CodeZero realized the limitations that an 8cm x 5cm paper card may only afford while working on a branding assignment for an entertainment company. After further research, both found that current digital solutions in the market today were of the scan-and-save variety which was still employing the use of conventional 2D printed cards. At the time, a fully digital business card solution wasn’t available yet.

Thus, they decided to establish CodeZero and its digital platform ZERO BrandCard back in September 2017.

Another reason for CodeZero’s inception was that they thought that traditional paper business cards were not only a hassle to carry around, but also burdensome to the environment. Plus, they’re also easily susceptible to be used in fraudulent activities, as con artists could pose as someone else and there would be no real way to verify their identity on the spot. In essence, CodeZero plans to address all of these issues with their ZERO BrandCard app.

The app is a fully digital solution which provides authenticated company information within a centralised system that also collects real-time data and updates from your contact list. The app also verifies any company information entered into the system via an official company registration website like CTOS in Malaysia.

At its core, the app was designed primarily as a business networking tool where users may create their own digital card complete with their professional information and branding identity. But the best part about this digital card is that connections may seamlessly share and exchange cards on the go.

There are three ways for users to connect and share their contacts:

  • Sharing with non-app users: An external platform such as text, email, or social media may be used.
  • Sharing with app users: Both parties may do it through a one-to-one exchange within the app.
  • Broadcast within a small space: Users may also use the broadcast-to-all feature within the app to share their digital cards with everyone in a room

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