A Breath of Fresh Air for The Elderly

Ah yes, air purifiers or humidifiers. That’s the age-old question. 

Regardless of your preference, they’re undoubtedly useful for everyday life. Look quickly through any one of your friend’s or family’s houses, and chances are, you’ll find one of these nifty gadgets there.

And humidifiers are an especially important piece of technology to bring comfort to the elderly.

The Benefits of A Humidifier/Air Purifier In The House

For one, humidifiers and air purifiers are great to reduce the risk of infection from airbone bacteria. And let’s face it, having bacteria floating about in the air in today’s climate is an absolute no-no. 

That’s only considering the health benefits that humidifers bring.

On the other hand, these modern gadgets are also the perfect accompaniment for the dryer or colder climates. They’re truly vital if your elderly are living in a big city where the air isn’t that “clean” as dust and dirt are everywhere.

But the most apparent benefit of air purifiers/humidifiers only becomes clear when flu season rolls around — or when, y’know, a pandemic hits. The wide circulation of germs from sneezing and coughing does put your elderly parents or relatives at risk as depending on their age, they may fall into the high risk group.

Likewise, humidifiers allow the elderly to literally take a breath of fresh air. They allow them to breathe a little easier and they make clean air more accessible. Of course, clean air equates to lesser chances of falling ill and thus, no more constant hacking or coughing. Only comfortable and easier breathing awaits when you finally install a humidifier and/or air purifier for your elderly.

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